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This STEM series is a collection of science books written for children just beginning to read.  
The series is comprised of curious stories for curious kids as a chapter book series and grade 2 reader.These books are written on STEM topics in a fun narrative for children 7-8 years of age. Children have begun the age of discovery using reading as a tool. This book describes "How Snow Flies and Rain Falls" in a fun narrative. Books today are interactive and portable and are used in addition to computers and mobile devices to learn. Reading is a pivotal necessary skill to succeed in learning. Entertainment is important as a motivator. Combining the two mediums allows for children ask “Why” and “How” things are as they are in a format that is fun for them.
These books are designed to answer those curious questions in a fun and entertaining format.  The narrative is written in a simple language structure to encourage children to read independently. The design of the series develops skills through curiosity while developing an understanding of scientific concepts. The answers are delivered in a fun story format. Answers are readable in simple language and address curious observations in an easy adventurous exciting dialog. This technique builds question and answering skill sets. “Grandpa, Why does Snow Fly?” is one book from the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) advancement book series for young children, disrupting the so called “Pink Isle” encouraging gender neutrality, while building basic curiosity with reading for both girls and boys. Great science comes from fostering the most basic curiosity, like understanding why snow flies. It is this love for science that the series is intended to foster one in the same.  “Grandpa why does snow fly?” is written as one in a series of short books on fun topics of interest to children, meant to be read by children as a way to foster reading. This series will be well rounded in completion and should include stories to support all branches of science.  
Encourage your children to read and have them tell you the story. It is curiosity that builds the questions. Finding the answers builds their confidence to learn more…

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